Friday, April 19, 2024

Skin Tags Removal: Safe and Effective Treatment Options

Skin tags can form on any part of your skin and irritate it, especially when they form on the face. There are a variety of methods dermatologists recommend for skin tag removal. Here are some ways you can safely without causing further damage to your skin. 

skin tags


It works by freezing the skin tag and cutting off its blood supply. Cryotherapy means the skin tag is exposed to freezing conditions using liquid nitrogen. It cuts blood circulation on the skin tag, making it come off after some days. 

It is an effective treatment used to remove unwanted skin growth. A dermatologist commonly does this procedure, and it has minor side effects such as skin irritation. 

Skin tag removal creams and oils

These are prescribed or over-the-counter creams that work to remove skin tags. They can freeze the skin tag or dry the skin tag. The skin tag will lose blood circulation and fall off within five to ten days. Using creams and oils to remove skin tags should be under a dermatologist’s prescription. 

It is because some skin tag removal creams and oils contain substances that can irritate your skin. Avoid products with salicylic acid that can affect your skin. Although most o these creams work with all skin types, go for a consultation with a dermatologist first before using them. 

Skin tag removal bands or patches

Using patches involves placing the patches on top of the skin tag until it dries off. Skin patch contains concentrated salicylic acid, and others have tea tree oil. It is usually effective after five to ten days. On the other hand, skin tag removal bands tie the skin tag’s base to cut off the blood supply. 

It is essential to remember that a dermatologist should do these procedures. The skin tag removal bands and patches can irritate your skin. 


Another method is cutting the skin tag off, which will thoroughly remove the skin tag. This method is effective but should be done by a professional. The dermatologist will use a sterilized scalpel or surgical scissors to cut it off. 

After cutting the skin tag, they seal the exposed base with an electric current. It is essential to do this procedure with a dermatologist instead of doing it at home. It is because if it is not done correctly, it can cause excessive bleeding and scarring. 


There are very many methods you can use to remove skin tags. You can get to a dermatologist to find which you prefer to be safe. You can cut it, use cryotherapy, skin tag creams, or patches and bands. It is essential to ensure you sanitise any instruments before using them on your skin. Some methods, such as cutting, are painful but effective. Using sterilised equipment will reduce the chances of infection from germs and bacteria. The highlighted methods can be safe and efficient if you are looking at ways to remove a skin tag.